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BIMID is currently accepting applications for a part time Assistant Secretary.  Please see the attached job description if you are interested in applying.  The deadline for submitting applications and resumes is Friday, Feb. 3, 2017 at noon.  (Click Here for More Information)


The Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District (BIMID) is the Lead Agency for the proposed Horseshoe Bend Levee Improvement Project (proposed Project). BIMID has directed the preparation of an Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The purpose of an IS/MND is to provide decision makers, public agencies, and the general public with an objective and informative document that facilitates a basic understanding of the proposed Project and fully discloses the potential environmental effects associated with the proposed Project, including direct, indirect, and cumulative environmental effects. BIMID will use the IS/MND to obtain permits, agreements, and approvals from necessary agencies to implement the proposed Project.

Project Location:  The proposed Project is located on Bethel Island in the Wetlands Land Grant on the Jersey Island, California.

Project Description: BIMID proposes to conduct four activities on Bethel Island: excavate fill material from a previously authorized borrow site located on the Crivello property (Borrow Site) (APN 028-010-004), conduct levee improvements and habitat enhancement activities at the Horseshoe Bend Levee Improvement Project site (Levee Site), create wetlands and adjacent riparian habitat at the District’s existing mitigation site (Mitigation Site), and use connected roadways (Haul Roads) for hauling materials between the Borrow Site, Levee Site, and Mitigation Site. These four project components comprise the Project.

Potentially Significant Environmental Impacts: Potentially significant impacts to air quality, biological resources, and cultural resources were identified in the Initial Study. All impacts would be reduced to a less-than-significant level with the incorporation of mitigation measures.

Public Review Period:  In compliance with CEQA, BIMID has established a 30-day public review period beginning November 4, 2016 to solicit comments and input on the Draft IS/MND. To ensure that all environmental issues are fully identified and adequately addressed, written comments are invited from all interested parties. Written comments regarding the scope and content of information in the Draft IS/MND should be submitted no later than December 4, 2016 to:

Jeff Butzlaff
Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District
P.O. Box 244
3085 Stone Road
Bethel Island, CA 94511

Public Notice

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a General Election will be held in the Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District, County of Contra Costa, State of California, on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 for the election of: three (3) Directors.

The qualifications of a nominee and of an elective officer of the above district are as follows:

  • Any person who is 18 years or older, a citizen, a resident of the district, a registered voter, and who is not disqualified by the Constitution or laws of the state from holding a civil office is eligible to be elected or appointed.
  • Nomination petitions may be obtained from the County Clerk, Elections Division, 555 Escobar Street, Martinez, California commencing on July 18, 2016 and shall be filed with the Elections Division not later than 5:00 P.M., August 12, 2016.
  • Appointment to each elective office will be made as prescribed by section 10515 of the Elections Code in the event there are no nominees for such office, and a petition for an election is not filed within the time period prescribed in the Elections Code.
  • Polls will be open Election Day between 7:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M.

Still Trying to Keep Rockin’ As the Storms Come Rollin’ on In!

PUBLIC NOTICE:  Surplus Equipment


The Enhanced Levee Maintenance portion of funding from the Assessment District is intended to restore and, indeed, significantly enhance BIMID’s ability to regularly place rock on the levee on an annual basis.

That long awaited effort is just now beginning to get well underway, now that the rainy season, enhanced as it was by El Nino, is now largely behind us.  On Monday, May 23, BIMID will be taking delivery of 1,000 tons of rip rap material, which will be placed on the levee by the end of June (the end of the current FY 2015-16 Fiscal Year).  Twice as much funding will be provided during FY 2016-17, so that rock placement may continue rather seamlessly into the Summer and Fall, and pick up again in the Spring, setting the stage for yet further funding for this ongoing long-term effort in FY 2017-18 and beyond.

Such placement will be undertaken on a prioritized basis, particularly in the beginning as we endeavor to catch up with those portions of Bethel Island (particularly the southeast) that we were not able to reach when our funding ran out a few years ago.  We have also just recently completed a comprehensive update of the status of all prior rock placement requests and needs, in addition to those already intended based on such previous prioritization.

That said, we will primarily start with the old BEACON Harbor area of the levee that has long needed priority attention, those several lots stretching along North Stone Road near the southeast corner of Bethel Island (near Station 360) and others that have been “on the list” the longest, and a few others on Stone Road at the southernmost point of the Island.  There are also scattered sites along Taylor Road and Willow Rd. (which areas had been the beneficiaries of much of our most recent rock placement), and elsewhere on the Island, that will need our attention. There are also three sites in particular along the northeast portion of the “backside” of the Island, from Station 80 to 130 (roughly between New Life Marina and Horseshoe Bend) that will need to be addressed as soon as we can get to them.

As this resurgent program further unfolds during this Fiscal Year, FY 2016-17 and thereafter, we’ll be as responsive, fair and attentive as possible in addressing as many levee rock issues as we can as they come to our attention, and thank the community for your patience as we work in your direction.  We also intend to restore our prior practice of keeping several hundred tons of rip rap material on our mitigation site to draw upon throughout the year as may be needed.

The primary point is that BIMID is “back in business” on all this as a fundamental benefit made possible by the Assessment District, as we now begin “the opening act” of a more fully fledged, more adequately funded ongoing annual rock placement program than we’ve been able to offer in several years.  It will constitute a re-expanded effort that will also enable BIMID to take fuller advantage of DWR’s annual Subventions Reimbursement Program than has been possible in years for the greater long term benefit of Bethel Island’s residents and property owners.

As a final reminder, residents and property owners who are in line for, or interested in, such rock placement need to make sure that any vegetation and/or other impediments on their portion of the levee need to be removed to allow access by BIMID equipment to undertake it. Thanks for your cooperation!!


It’s been said that “the past is another country; they do things differently there, “and “we are too often nostalgic for times that never really were.” Just two good reasons to look to the future, which for BIMID and Bethel Island is looking increasingly more promising over the next several years.

Its February 18, 2016 Board meeting was pivotal for the Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District. It was at that meeting that the following two historically significant events (what many would these days refer to as “game changers”) converged:

  1. The approval of the long awaited Infrastructure, Transfer, Maintenance and Operations Agreement between BIMID and Delta Coves.
  1. The adoption of the Revised Mid-Year FY 2015-16 BIMID Budget that programs into it for the first time ever the first year revenues from the Assessment District for Levee and Flood Control Facilities and Maintenance, Repair and Improvements (LFCF) approved by public ballot in August, 2015.

Each on its own terms, but all the more so the two in combination, will dramatically shift BIMID’s future long term financial prospects as 2016 begins a transformative time for BIMID to become, and to accomplish, so much more than we’ve ever been able to before. So from this point forward, BIMID has the unprecedented opportunity to become more of a “going concern,” in stark contrast to the struggling, erratically funded organization it has tended to be during most of its history.



The following letter was recently approved by the BIMID Board in support of SB 554 (Wolk). Already unanimously approved by the State Senate, it has now made its way to the Assembly. BIMID is closely tracking the bill as it begins to wend its way through the Assembly’s Committee structure on its way to full Floor consideration. The letter below is being personalized and sent to each Committee Member (starting with the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee), as well as to Assembly Member Frazier, and other key Assembly Members.

As background, the Delta Levees Maintenance Subventions Program provides State funding to local agencies for the rehabilitation and maintenance of levees in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. In 1996, the State Legislature “temporarily” set the reimbursement rate at 75% of eligible local levee expenditures in excess of $1,000 per levee mile based on each local agency’s ability to pay. This rate was supposed to “sunset” and be reduced to 50% in 2006, but has since been extended several times, with the current rapidly approaching sunset date being July 1, 2018. Such extensions have been made in recognition that, in addition to multiple other benefits, such levee improvements are important for the protection of the State’s drinking water supply and other related infrastructure.

SB 554 is intended to make the present 75% maximum reimbursement amount (or State Cost Share) permanent. It would also delete related legislative intent language in current law for a $2 million annual limit (which, although representing an annual level BIMID may itself never reach, nonetheless removes what could prove to be an artificial barrier to much needed levee improvements throughout the Delta).

It should also be noted that as this legislation moves forward, the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) continues pursuing its complex charge under State law to develop a prioritized Delta Levee Investment Strategy, including critically evaluating both this DWR administered Subventions Program and DWR’s Special Projects Program. BIMID relies heavily on this existing framework, which our recently approved Assessment District Program will enable Bethel Island to more easily access and benefit from in the years ahead. So in addition to supporting SB 554, BIMID continues attending DSC meetings, and staying on top of any such issues they are addressing that could have a significant impact on BIMID and Bethel Island. BIMID has also frequently gone on record both in oral testimony at DSC meetings, and several times in formal written form to make sure that BIMID’s and Bethel Island’s case, status and circumstances are fully understood by DSC members.

Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District
3085 Stone Road – PO Box 244, Bethel Island, CA 94511-0244
(925) 684-2210 – Fax: (925) 684-0724
Email: bimid@sbcglobal.net – Web Site: www.bimid.com

This letter is submitted in unanimous support of SB 554 (Wolk) by the Board of Directors of the Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District (BIMID). Bethel Island is the most populous of all Delta Islands, one of the eight western “sentinel islands,” and an historical “legacy community.” BIMID was formed in 1960 by a special act of the State Legislature replacing and upgrading Bethel Island Reclamation District No. 1619. BIMID has since that time continued focusing on the protection of life and property on Bethel Island – and its economy and way of life – from potential levee breaches and flooding from the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers that converge to our immediate north on their way to San Francisco Bay.

BIMID’s facilities include 11.5 miles of levee, 19.5 miles of internal drainage canals and ditches, and 2 pumping stations, which BIMID staff has made every effort over the years and decades to maintain (and, when feasible, upgrade) as consistently and effectively as possible. We have done so despite the year to year inconsistency and volatility of our primary local revenue source, ad valorem Property Taxes.

Were it not for the current Delta Levee Maintenance Reimbursement (or Subventions) Program as constituted since 1996, providing up to 75% reimbursement for eligible levee maintenance expenditures incurred in excess of $1,000 per levee mile, this would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, for BIMID – or many other similar Delta Districts – to have achieved. Even during the recent severe, prolonged recession, the Subventions Program remained the cornerstone of BIMID’s ongoing levee maintenance program.

The 2015 voter approval of BIMID’s proposed Proposition 218 Assessment District will provide an enhanced, more stable financial structure for BIMID going forward, which will at long last enable BIMID to meet DWR Special Project local share requirements. Yet it will also make the Subventions Program itself all the more effective as still the fundamental, underlying foundation of BIMID’s overall levee improvement program, should it continue to include the current 75% maximum reimbursement provision.

Hence BIMID, and Bethel Island residents and property owners, are increasingly alarmed over the approaching July 1, 2018 sunset of the current Subventions Program, and its reduction of the maximum reimbursement rate to 50%. Hence our substantial relief over, and adamant support for, SB 554 to make the 75% maximum reimbursement rate permanent, and our request that it enjoy your full support as well.

Bruce Smith
President, Board of Directors



OCTOBER 20, 2015



To view the Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District’s annual compensation reports, please visit the the California State Controller’s compensation database at www.publicpay.ca.gov

 BIMID Gears Up For Proposed Benefit Assessment
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The Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District, through the elected Board of Directors and Staff, will serve the people of Bethel Island by responding to the needs and concerns of the public by allocating the available resources to maintain a safe and secure levee system, by maintaining a free flowing drainage system and by creating and maintaining a park and recreation facility.


Please help minimize the need for spraying by properly maintaining the vegetation along the water front of your property. No spray will be applied to those properties where property owners have maintained the levee top and water side vegetations.

Spread the word, tell your neighbors!!! “Do the deed and remove the weeds!”

Unfortunately, BIMID is no longer able to accept vegetation, wood or other material that has been removed from the levee.   The Pittsburg Transfer Station located at 1300 Loveridge Road in Pittsburg accepts vegetation, wood and many other items.  They are open 7 days a week, from 7am to 6 pm.  They charge $40.50 per ton and the minimum charge is $22.50. Prices are subject to change, please contact the station for updates. They accept cash, visa and mastercard.  For more information regarding the Pittsburg Transfer Station please call (925) 473-0180.
 We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District (BIMID) was formed in the early 1960’s by the California State Legislature. The Island is not a city and thus has to rely on a combination of private and county public services.  BIMID is a special act district that has powers similar to a city.  BIMID currently provides levee maintenance and repairs, habitat mitigation, park services, as well as storm drain maintenance and repair.

California Delta

  • The Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District was created by the California State Legislature in 1960 and absorbed Reclamation District 1619.
  • The acreage was described as 3516.54 acres in the unincorporated territory of Contra Costa County.
  • It is an island below sea level of 7 to 15 feet surrounded by 11.5 miles of earthen levee that keeps the Taylor, Piper, Dutch and Sandmound Slough waters out.
  • Access to Bethel Island is by boat or the new bridge on the south side that connects Bethel Island Road to Cypress Road to Highway 4 in Oakley.
  • Funding for the District is ad valoreum tax collected by the County that is used to compete for State funding from the Dept. of Water Resources.
  • Work is handled by one full time equipment operator and two (2) secretaries, one full time and one part time, plus the 5 elected directors.
  • The main function is to improve and maintain the levee system and then to keep the drainage system adequate to remove seepage and rain water.