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Partying words from outgoing Interim District Manager
Jeff Butzlaff (9/21/17)


Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District


Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District

RE: Serious Problem During Stormy Weather


Update 2/27/17


It has been brought to BIMID’s attention that as of now the following marinas on the island are no longer available as evacuation points:

  • New Life Marina – 1200 Taylor Road
  • Caliente Harbor Marina – 1550 Taylor Road
  • Frank’s Marina – 7050 Riverview Drive
  • Old Lundborg Landing – 6777 Riverview Drive
  • Piper Pointe Marina – 3667 Willow Road

It is very important to understand in the case of a breach of the levee, YOU WILL NEED TO GET TO THE TOP OF THE LEVEE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  If you can’t readily get to the levee top, go up to the second story of your house (or if yours is a single story home, the second story of a nearby neighbor’s house).  IT WILL BE IMPERATIVE FOR YOU TO GET TO THE HIGHEST POINT THAT YOU CAN ABOVE THE FLOODPLAIN.  IT IS ALSO CRITICAL THAT YOU DO NOT DRIVE ON THE LEVEE IN ITS SATURATED CONDITION FOLLOWING ALL THE STORMS.

February 16, 2017

BIMID residents are again advised and assured that BIMID’s staff and Engineers continue keeping a watchful eye on flow and stage conditions around Bethel Island, including ongoing levee inspections, and maintaining drainage in the main canals.  Some seepage that has occurred at various locations is not unexpected, and has been well within the capabilities of BIMID to handle and avert any serious levee damage. We are also staying on top of broader Delta conditions and challenges. Most Central Valley reservoirs have filled to capacity and are making releases depending on weather and inflow into the system. Recent news has of course been focused on the Oroville Dam crisis, which we’ve also been monitoring. That reservoir’s levels have been decreasing and operators are expected to continue making large releases for dam safety.

At this time the total in flow into the Delta from the Sacramento River is about 75,000 cfs and from the Yolo Bypass about 230,000 cfs. On the San Joaquin River at Vernalis total flow is around 34,000 cfs. These flows are well within system capacity.  Meanwhile, high tides expected over the next two weeks combined with Delta inflow will result in further high water stages around Bethel Island. Strong storms with high wind waves can cause erosion on the water side of the levee, but hopefully the worst is behind us as to storm strength and intensity.  Our new Assessment District revenues enabled BIMID to be much more active last year in its rock placement program for bank protection around the Island.

However, given the chance of further storms, and additional upstream water releases, over the next several weeks, we as a community need to remain vigilant, and if residents or property owners observe any erosion, subsidence, or unusual seepage or soil movement, please report it immediately to BIMID at (925) 684-2210.  Given what we may still be up against, the more people watching the levee the better, including residents working together as “neighborhood levee watch groups.”  In the meantime, with such a saturated levee, no driving on it or digging into it is allowed, please trim back any foliage that would prevent a clear view of your levee condition or obstruct any needed sandbagging. and please by all means immediately shut off all sprinklers until Spring.

Mother Nature Calls It A Season

BIMID WORK NOTICE (

The Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District, through the elected Board of Directors and Staff, will serve the people of Bethel Island by responding to the needs and concerns of the public by allocating the available resources to maintain a safe and secure levee system, by maintaining a free flowing drainage system and by creating and maintaining a park and recreation facility.


Please help minimize the need for spraying by properly maintaining the vegetation along the water front of your property. No spray will be applied to those properties where property owners have maintained the levee top and water side vegetations.

Spread the word, tell your neighbors!!! “Do the deed and remove the weeds!”

Unfortunately, BIMID is no longer able to accept vegetation, wood or other material that has been removed from the levee.   The Pittsburg Transfer Station located at 1300 Loveridge Road in Pittsburg accepts vegetation, wood and many other items.  They are open 7 days a week, from 7am to 6 pm.  They charge $40.50 per ton and the minimum charge is $22.50. Prices are subject to change, please contact the station for updates. They accept cash, visa and mastercard.  For more information regarding the Pittsburg Transfer Station please call (925) 473-0180.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District (BIMID) was formed in the early 1960’s by the California State Legislature. The Island is not a city and thus has to rely on a combination of private and county public services.  BIMID is a special act district that has powers similar to a city.  BIMID currently provides levee maintenance and repairs, habitat mitigation, park services, as well as storm drain maintenance and repair.

California Delta

  • The Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District was created by the California State Legislature in 1960 and absorbed Reclamation District 1619.
  • The acreage was described as 3516.54 acres in the unincorporated territory of Contra Costa County.
  • It is an island below sea level of 7 to 15 feet surrounded by 11.5 miles of earthen levee that keeps the Taylor, Piper, Dutch and Sandmound Slough waters out.
  • Access to Bethel Island is by boat or the new bridge on the south side that connects Bethel Island Road to Cypress Road to Highway 4 in Oakley.
  • Funding for the District is ad valoreum tax collected by the County that is used to compete for State funding from the Dept. of Water Resources.
  • Work is handled by one full time equipment operator and two (2) secretaries, one full time and one part time, plus the 5 elected directors.
  • The main function is to improve and maintain the levee system and then to keep the drainage system adequate to remove seepage and rain water.