Delta Coves Project


Delta Coves Summary
May 2008

  1. The status of completion inspection by the county should be complete on May 7th.  Top Grade predicts it will take at least until May 16 to complete the punch list.  The county requests a copy of the TV recording of the storm drains.
  2. The County will complete the re-inspection to verify the punch work items are corrected by May 30th.
  3. Top Grade will be leaving the project on May 30th.
  4. The sub-drains for seepage control along Gateway have been installed.  It still is not know if the seepage is from water trucks or is levee seepage.  The County is requiring SunCal to investigate further, prior to accepting the Grading as complete.
  5. An 8 foot access road was installed on the lower property to the east of Windsweep.
  6. SunCal needs to confirm the plan and location of the tide gauge to be installed in the area of the commercial marina.
  7. The signed contract and the check to pay PG&E were delivered on May 7th.  PG&E has energized the primary and secondary power on May 20th and 21 st. Street lights and meter pedestals to be hot by May 30th. AT&T has been paid so the utility polls on Gateway, including the one in the center of Windsweep should come down, as soon as AT&T completes their final engineering change.
  8. There was a meeting with Sanco about the 24 inch storm drain on May 25. RJA presented their infiltration test results, and the results were well below the tolerances allowed by the manufacturer. The entire perimeter storm drain system has been TV’d and found to be in excellent condition without defect. The County has reviewed the tapes are in acceptance of the findings.
  9. SunCal has begun placing fencing around the perimeter of the project, and estimates the completion to be the week of June 9th.
  10. They estimate the perimeter pump stations will be on line by the week of June 9th.
  11. Open issues that SunCal is currently working on, the pump for the lagoon circulation, the design of the sewer lift station that is being relocated, and the final design and modification to the SCADA system.

Delta Coves Summary
April 2008

  1. Top Grade was unable to complete all the final details by their April 18 target finish date.  They remained on the site the entire month of April and into May.
  2. The county is requiring the erosion control plan from SunCal be completed.  They hope to hydroseed the levees and the pads and use water trucks for irrigation by May 23rd.
  3. Sanco cleaned the water collection lines and the catch basins.  They will TV the pipe when everything is cleaned out.
  4. Berlogar Engineering wrote a letter regarding control of the seepage along Gateway Road.  Sub-drains will be installed.  A plan was submitted to the county.  Regardless of the source of the water, the fix is the same.
  5. The weirs were installed along with the stop logs.  The water table along Stone Road can now be lowered to the historic level.  It will probably take a month to stabilize the water table.  It must be done in small increments.
  6. There is still no electricity anywhere on the site.  Conco West needs to show SunCal the pumps at the pump station work.  Alternate power sources were considered, i.e. generators.  BIMID staff will witness the tests.
  7. Top Grade is concerned about security when they leave the job site.  Top Grade is asking the County for an interim inspection acknowledging the project was built to specifications.  The County will never issue building permits until the utilities are in place.
  8. Ongoing concern was expressed about dust control and erosion protection.  Also there is no cathodic protection at the breach structure because there is no electricity to the rectifiers.
  9. Now that the weather is warmer a coat of reclemite will be applied to the road surfaces.  It must dry for three days and then the road markings will be applied and the roads will be complete.

Delta Coves Summary
Month of March 2008

  1. The breach is open.  Bellingham Marine is driving pilings for the commercial marina.  Piles need to be completed by March 31, 2008
  2. SunCal is looking at landscaping and erosion control.  They have ordered a new hydro seed mix that they hope will grow in the sandy soil.  They will be using water trucks to water planting and for dust control.  They plan to seed the off water levees and then the pads.  The guardrail on each side of the breach has been finished.
  3. Work is moving forward to allow for PG&E electrical installation.  PG&E needs address for each light pole and each lot.  SunCal can provide this information.  The rectifiers on each side of the breach and the four pump stations still need to be addressed.
  4. Berloger Engineering will have a letter out the first of April with recommendations regarding the rainwater runoff/seepage along Gateway.  There will also be an engineered plan for rain water run off from the commercial pad onto Windsweep.
  5. Propane tanks and generators are being installed at the four pump stations.  Bollards need to be installed to protect utilities at the pump stations.  The SCADA control system for the drainage control will be radio operated.  The monitoring system will be installed at the BIMID Office.  A special meeting regarding the wear structure will be held on March 26th.
  6. The County cannot accept the pads without certification documents regarding grade elevation and compaction.
  7. Top Grade will complete their work on the project by April 18th.  They will continue to run five water trucks for erosion control until midnight April 18.  At that point SunCal will assume the dust control responsibility.  Sanco is again vacuuming out the drainage system, and the plan is for them to have their work completed by April 18th.  So far there are no utilities on the job, but Top Grade plans to turn the project over to SunCal on April 18th.
  8. Subcontractors will meet on a weekly basis for the next three weeks.

Delta Coves Summary
February 27, 2008

  1. Pile driving for the docks in the commercial marina is going pretty slow.  Water work needs to be completed by March 31, 2008.
  2. The State Water Resources Board received a complaint from a citizen regarding the filling of the lagoon.  The project supplied the state with pictures and documentation of how the fill was done, including information on the slide gates in the sheet pile that controlled the water flow.  No silt moved from the Delta Cove lagoon back into the slough.
  3. Discussion of the removal of utility polls along Gateway will be held later this date.
  4. Three weeks from today the electrical system within the project will be ready to power up.  When PG&E is notified they take 3 to 6 weeks to respond.
  5. Equipment installation continues at the four pump station sites.  The generators will be delivered today and the electrical connections will begin.  They are still about 12 days out.  Bollards need to be placed to protect equipment and propane tanks inside the fenced pump station sites.
  6. URS needs to sign off of the wears.  The water collection system along Stone Road still is not working properly.  The SCADA monitoring system has to be redesigned for radio transmission of the date collected.
  7. The pads where the houses will be built suffered some erosion under and into the rip rap during the heavy January storm.  Since cutting ditches at the top edge of the outside levee the problem has not reoccurred.  Long term, BKF will document all repairs.  When the homes are built, the slope of the pads will flatten and landscaping should control the runoff.
  8. Power to the rectifiers adjacent to the breach structure is at least two weeks out.
  9. SunCal will be meeting with Jensen landscaping later today.
  10. PG&E needs an access road to one of their switches east of Windsweep.
  11. The last of the rip rap, being placed from the barrage at the breach, will be completed today.  The pour of the cap on the north side of the breach and the guard rail will be completed by Friday. American Civil Contractors will be completely finished an off site by next Tuesday.
  12. The county has requested a barricade across the road that enters Windsweep from the commercial pads.  A request for a temporary construction road with a gate will be submitted to the county.

Delta Coves Summary
February 13, 2008

  1. It has been decided that the subcontractors meetings will be held every other week beginning today.
  2. Representatives from PG&E were present at the meeting.  It was determined that once all of the electrical work on the project is ready to be energized, it will take approximately two days to complete that task.  From the point of that request it usually takes PG&E 6 weeks to provide the work/service although they might be able to shorten that time to 3 weeks.  They will be removing the wire and two tall polls on each side of the breach which will take at least a day.  They doubted that the residents in the area would be affected by any power outage.  PG&E can energize the electrical service independent from any gas service they will provide.
  3. PG&E needs to know the street address for each street light.  SunCal has addresses for each lot and will give that information to PG&E.
  4. The remaining sheet piles have been removed from the breach opening.  Dredging at the opening is taking place and should be completed by February 15th.  Soundings of the bottom are being taken and recorded.  Installation of rip rap along the sheetpile walls at the entrance will then begin which could take up to two weeks to complete.
  5. The final length of cement cap for the sheet pile walls should be completed by February 22.
  6. Bellingham Marine will bring a barge from the bay on Tuesday, February 19 to begin construction on the marina.
  7. The permanent weir installation for the drainage control system should begin on February 19th.  Twenty eight stop logs for the system are due to be delivered by then.
  8. Propane tanks will be installed at the four pump station locations and fencing will be installed at each pump station.
  9. Landscaping will be delayed until April 1st.  The palm trees for the project have been reserved.  There is currently no water or electricity for the irrigation system.

Delta Coves Summary
January 23, 2008

  1. Removing the sheet pile from the breach area began on Tuesday January 22 and should be completed by Friday January 25th.  There will be divers in the water on Thursday, January 24th.  Dredging the bottom of the opening will take approximately 4 days and should be complete by Wednesday January 30th.  The two barges at the breach will switch positions to allow for all the sheet pile to be removed.
  2. There will be rip rap applied along the bottom adjacent to the sheet pile in the breach opening.  The design has been modified and Kevin Tillis, Engineer, needs to see the new plans before that work begins.  Two inches of bedding material will be placed on the bottom at the edges to hold the rip rap.
  3. Following the breach opening, one of the barges at the breach will be used to drive pilings for the marina.  Some of the marina docks will be placed in the water as early as Friday, January 25th.   Plans for the gangways and abutments have been submitted to SunCal.  The question was raised whether SunCal could temporarily block the entrance to Delta Coves to limit boat traffic within the project.
  4. The county has informed the contractor that they must either rock dirt entries to the project or clean mud/sand tracked onto county roads from the project.
  5. Erosion control above the rip rap may change from straw to hydro seed, or coconut mat.
  6. Tensioning of the residential docks should be completed today with just a few adjustments remaining to be done.
  7. It was agreed that four feet of rock will surround the pump station slabs, and that the fence will be placed three feet from the slabs.
  8. Pouring the remaining slabs for street lights must wait until the ground dries.
  9. Contra Costa County Public Works did come out to Stone Road today with a vacuum truck to try to open a cross culvert under Stone Road in the vicinity of the 3600 block.

Submitted by Marguerite Lawry, BIMID Director

Delta Coves Summary
January 9, 2008

  1. This was the first subcontractor meeting since December 5, 2007.
  2. All the asphalt paving on the residential streets and all the underground utilities have been completed.  Street lights are being installed.
  3. The last walkway to the individual docks was installed on December 28th.  Following the storm on January 4th some erosion around the abutments supporting the walkways occurred.  Engineers will assess the location of the damage and recommend repairs.
  4. American Civil Contractors began installing rubber bumper guards to the breech structure walls this week.  A rectifier has been installed at the south side of the breach sheet pile.  The north side of the breach sheet piles needs to be rocked.  Guard rail installation on the outside top of the breach structure will begin in approximately two weeks.
  5. As soon as the weather dries, grading will begin at pump stations one and two, with gravel and fencing installed.
  6. Top Grade had a tentative start date of February 1, for the Bethel Island Road improvement project.  The permitting process needs to be completed.  The plans have been submitted to the county, but the county is waiting for SunCal to pay the fees.  A February 1 start seemed optimistic.
  7. Questions regarding the pump stations status.  Rebar is being delivered this week.  The plan is to complete two wears and get them up and running before proceeding with the rest.
  8. The breach must be opened to allow dredging and barges to enter to place the pilings for the marina.  The breach opening has been indefinitely delayed and no new date has been set.
  9. Windsweep Road has not yet been turned over to the county and probably will not be for some time.  They need to get the electrical and other utilities in.  Last week PG&E stated they did not even have time to talk about removing the poll at Windsweep and Gateway due to the January 4th storm.
  10. The county will attempt to clean a small inlet in the neighborhood of 3628 Stone Road to allow water to flow to the cross culvert in that area.
  11. Subcontractors were again reminded that if they are working in areas that have erosion control, such as straw, if they disturb or remove it, they must replace it.

Submitted by Marguerite Lawry, BIMID Director

Top Grade Construction has established a new hotline to handle incoming calls on the project construction. The number is 925-684-0496. Top Grade is managing the day-to-day construction so they are the most knowledgeable concerning the daily activities, operations, and impacts and have established a protocol to handle the concerns.

Letter Dated 3/20/06:  Delta Coves – Survey of Neighboring Structures (Click Letter to Enlarge)

  • To acquire data on the water table and seepage and in preparation of commencing work on Delta Coves, Duc Housing Partners, Inc. is placing small diameter monitoring wells on various properties on the island.  With the homeowners permission, these wells are being strategically placed.  They will collect current data on the water table that will be used as a baseline for monitoring the water table during construction on the Delta Coves project.  This data will provide information during the construction process to alert the development team to changes that may need to occur in their process, should the water table be adversely affected.
  • If you have additional questions about these monitoring wells, please contact the BIMID office at (925) 684-2210 or by email at