We will do our best to keep this window up-to-date.

Levee work is performed April 15 through October 31 (rip rap), weather permitting.

Projects for 2018-20:
  • Horseshoe Bend Project
  • Northwest Levee Improvement and Stone Road Seepage Reduction Project
  • CDBG Pump Replacement
Ongoing Maintenance:
  • Ditch Cleaning
  • Mitigation Site required (Fish & Wildlife/DWR) maintenance
  • General repairs and levee work
  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Date of work to be performed: June 18, 2018 until section is completed
  • Location: 4236 to 4080 Windsweep Rd, Station 383 to 397
  • Work to be performed: Removal of stumps, vegetation and riprap
  • Please:
    • Turn off sprinklers that are on the levee top and waterside.
    • Remove all personal items from the levee top and waterside, i.e., hoses sprinklers, vehicles, lawn furniture, planter boxes, container plants.
    • Make sure pets do not have access to the levee, including the landside slope.
    • Make sure trees are trimmed back off of levee crown at least 14 feet high to 20 feet across.
    • Anything that you do not ruined should be removed from the levee.
Any questions, please call the office during business hours.