Dear Landowner,

I am pleased to inform you that once again Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District (BIMID) has entered into a partnership with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) for the implementation of an additional levee improvement project.  BIMID has been awarded an agreement to implement the Northwest Levee Improvement and Stone Road Seepage Reduction Project (Project) to provide a higher level of flood protection to the residents and property owners on Bethel Island. Similar to the Horseshoe Bend Levee Improvement Project, this project is a multi-benefit project and includes components for easier access for emergency vehicles on the levee as well as enhancement of the habitat along the Northwest sector of the Island.  DWR will cost share 93 percent of the total project improvement cost and will be paying for all costs associated with the habitat enhancement portion; the BIMID cost share of 7 percent will be funded through current assessment fees, including the revenues that have been collected through the Proposition 218 Assessment.

The proposed Project includes the following features.

  • Provides levee improvement to the existing levee between stations 0+00 to 130+00,
  • Improves toe drainage along the levee near Stone Road between stations 340+00 and 450+00 by addressing levee seepage issues,
  • Widens the levee crest from existing to 22 feet to improve vehicle access during flood fighting efforts,
  • Creates approximately 4,500 linear feet of berm on the waterside slope for shaded riverine aquatic habitat,
  • Creates about 1.2 acres of landside lowlands habitat, and
  • Includes measures to mitigate the impacts of the project.

BIMID has chosen to design the levees to DWR Bulletin 192-82 specifications to allow for anticipated sea level rise associated with climate change while still providing greater than 100-year flood protection into the future.  The Project will increase the static and seismic stability of the structure.

The planning efforts on this project has just begun and will continue throughout 2018.  We anticipate filing permit applications with the following regulatory agencies:

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife for Streambed Alteration Permit,
  • State Water Resources Control Board for Water Quality Certification,
  • S. Army Corps of Engineers for Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act,
  • S. Fish and Wildlife Services for the Endangered Species Act,
  • S. National Marine Fisheries Service for Endangered Species Act – Section 7 Consultation

As part of the planning process BIMID will also prepare environmental documentations in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, biological assessment and cultural resources studies. We anticipate proceeding with the construction in three phases: Phase 1 will be addressing the seepage issue along the Stone Road, Phase 2 will include work on the landside, and Phase 3 will be completion of both landside and waterside activities.  We plan to begin the construction in the Summer of 2019 with an estimated completion date in the Fall of 2020.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your support and assure you that BIMID will continue working to increase flood protection on the island and providing a higher flood safety for you, your family, and your assets. I look forward to working with you toward the completion of this project over the next few years.  Please feel free to contact me at (925) 684-2210 should you have any questions or concerns.


Regina Espinoza
District Manager