Island Work Schedule

We will do our best to keep this window up-to-date quarterly.

Winter levee tours will begin in December 2011 as needed, during the wet periods, tours will be done as required for safety.  We welcome ride along guests, call BIMID at (925) 684-2210 for a reservation.

Scheduled for:


*Ditch cleaning.

*Mitigation site required (Fish & Game/DWR) maintenance.

*General repairs & levee work

*Equipment maintenance

Rip Rap Program:(Rock N Roll)

Rocking of the levee is finished for the Winter Months, except for emergencies. However, you are invited to have us estimate your cost to rocking your outside levee slope next Spring. The state of California has recently agreed to share in the cost of both the labor and equipment for that purpose. There is no cost for the estimate, call Julie @ (925) 684-2210.